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Calais 2037

Mar 27, 2018

Go behind the mics on "Calais 2037" for insightful writings from the New Time team on the "what, who and why" of the groundbreaking FPI audio drama.

Optimised for viewing on iPhone 6/7/8. Also available as a free download

Mar 26, 2018

Listen to the Official Trailer for "Calais 2037", New Time's groundbreaking First Person Immersive (FPI) audio drama.

IMPORTANT: First Person Immersive (FPI) audio utilises binaural technology and requires the listener to use a pair of stereo headphones/earphones.

Mar 26, 2018

“Just in sight, just out of reach.”

Mar 26, 2018


Mar 26, 2018

“That white line above the water.”